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The Journal of Seamus Finnigan

Seamus Finnigan
24 November
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Seamus Finnigan here, hailing from Ireland, though presently spending most my time at Hogwarts in Scottland. I've got a witch for a mother, and a muggle for a father--as I've said a thousand times, nasty shock it was for him.

Speaking of muggles, this thing is weird. But wicked, very wicked.

Basic Info
Name: Seamus Aodhan Aonghus Finnigan
Nicknames: Seamus, ait, 'O Loud One'
Birthday: November 24, 1981
Age: Seventeen
House: Gryffindor!
Quidditch Position: Beater!

Physical Description
Hair: A sort of blonde. Not exceptionally bright, nor is it tending more to the brown dishwater sort. Just sandy, rope.
Eye Color: His eyes are a mix between blue and gray. Most of his energy can be reflected from that point of his face.
Height: Roughly 5’10”. Maybe an inch shorter.

Seamus is tall enough for his age, dwarfing his mother but not quite reaching his father’s height. Essentially, he’s got a lean and sinewy build. He’s more lank than built, but not completely thin, with taut muscle—not huge and muscular, but not shrimp-y and skeletal. He does have a healthy amount of muscle, just from being very active and a Beater on the quidditch team. Of course he’s also accumulated some from helping out on the farm back home. He’s got long fingers, and hands nicely callused; again, farm.

Seamus has got a pretty good complexion. After a brief bout with the dreaded acne at the start of sixth year, he’s been pretty much untouched. Flesh tone is a mix, a milky-peach hue. He has got freckles, very light tan and scattered on his face, mostly over the bridge of his nose. Freckles have speckled his hands and other areas, but the majority has latched onto his face. He still speaks with a heavy Irish accent, and if you get him into a subject he’s particularly for, he’ll talk with such speed and enthusiasm it’s quite hard to hear what he says at all.

He has got a shock of sand colored hair, often tousled and left to be amuck. The most he bothers with it typically is, unless someone’s left their shampoo lying around, soap clean. In the mornings, he either gives it a few affectionate pats or lovingly rakes a long-suffering comb through it. It’s not a sunshine, pale silver blond, but it’s not completely dark-blondish-brown. It is, again, kind of a rope color, sandish. His eyebrows are the same color, if a bit darker. Eyelashes are long and light-colored, framing very expressive brown eyes just barely a darker shade than healthy, fertile soil. Rarely are they without a twinkle of some sort.

Seamus goes for comfort rather than style in dressing. Other than the required robes, he keeps with fitting denim, sweats, corduroy, or khaki in terms of leg wear. Most of those pairs are faded and old, worn but suiting. Seamus is a fan of tank tops, regular shirts, sweat shirts, snug turtleneck, long sleeves, quarter sleeves… Of any color, so long as it fits. He likes his sweatshirts baggy, though, with room to (should he want to) tug his arms into and have excess room. His choice footwear are a pair of ratty sneakers, that may have once been a pleasant color, but that hue can no longer be determined. He has got a pair of big, bulky boots, rough dragon hide and serving for both snow and trudging through mud and other things (i.e. farm work). He’d rather die than have to wear stiff loafers or fancy-smancy shoes, and wouldn’t own a pair except for the fact his mother insisted for formal occasions. He has got one thing in common with Dobby: Not so much the sock –liking-, but that he doesn’t like them matching. No reason why… just doesn’t.

Seamus grew up, (duh), in Ireland. He was been raised on a tidy little farm just outside a small village (which was not such a large distance from one larger, and that a bit farther from a notable muggle city) with a large family all around most of the time. His grandparents on his mother’s side live with them, as well as his father’s aunt. Seamus has three sisters and two brothers, though the eldest child of the bunch is one of his brothers, and he no longer lives at the farm. The farm itself is just barely large enough for the family there, and almost in chaos, as just about every person is as rambunctious, energetic, and loud as Seamus is. When relatives, such as cousins and aunts and uncles (first, second, third, fourth removed, and so on) it’s insane. As with most farms, there’s a barn as well. No, it’s not red.

His parents are devoted, stringent Catholics. Yes, his mother is one as well, though a witch—she simply has a few views different. Every single Finnigan kid has been raised Catholic, and stringently so… but in terms of the terrorism Ireland has long suffered muggle-wise, they in no way hate Protestants (or the English, for that matter. The mother, well, what with going to school with bunches of them… in any case, hadn’t been raised to). In fact, Ailbhe met Malachy at a group of peace-searching Catholics and Protestants. While both are Catholic, on Malachy’s side there’s distant Protestant relations. Not so distant when considering Malachy’s aunt, who is in fact Protestant. There are loads of animals at the farm. Cows, chickens, dogs, and a few cats. They’ve even got a family of mice living in the house, much to the displeasure of said cats, who can’t quite seem to get at them. The farm does well. They are just barely financially comfortable… While not despondent or anything of the like, they are most certainly not rich in the least. It’s loud, happy, completely crammed with exuberant love, and a very uplifting, if noisy place to be.

Family Members:
Mother: Ailbhe Criodhna Etaoin (Delaney) Finnigan. Though once slender, she’s a bit on the pudgy-round side (after six kids, wouldn’t you be?), but has no less charm or beauty due to it. She’s got strawberry blonde hair with increasing grey, which she’s liable to blame on the kids, especially Seamus. She’s quite the talker, and has excesses of energy. While at Hogwarts, she was Hufflepuff.
Father: Malachy Rory Odhrán Finnigan. He’s very tall and sinewy, but while lank in appearance is quite strong. He’s a bit more reserved than Ailbhe, and is indeed a muggle—it took him a good while to accept the fact she was a witch. Of course, she might have had more tact than popping the news midway through the honeymoon. He’s got a relaxed, languid, feline look, but has loads of energy and charisma when supplied with a favored topic.
Grandmother and Grandfather Delaney: What? Other names? Not that Seamus knows them as, but for information.. Ide Katelyn Molly (Murphy) and Jarlath Liam Cian. Ide has a head full of grey hair and is very small, with a big heart and arthritis. Jarlath is nearly bald, with friendly crinkles at the eyes and a white, trimmed beard. Both were Gryffindor graduates.
Great Aunt Finnigan: Eavan Megan (Flannery). No confirmation name, as she’s Protestant. Eavan is somewhat suspicious about the whole magic deal, but is generally pretty good about it. Her hair is thinning but still somewhat strawberry colored. She’s a bit on the heavy side and has back problems, but makes a mean corned beef.
Eldest brother: Cairbre Blaine Cairell Finnigan. Twenty-six years of age. Taller than his father and a touch more endowed muscle wise, Cairbre’s easy-going and friendly, if a bit awkward In his movements. He’s got his mother’s hair, and bright green eyes. Ciarbre has been exclusively seeing a young Irish witch (Ravenclaw graduate, he was Gryffindor) for roughly two years, and is assumed to be working on saving up so as to buy a right nice ring. Not sure if he wants the Finnigan farm late in life, Cairbre is interested in the many and varying magical creatures that roam the land. He holds a minor position in the Ministry, for the regulation of such creatures, but only took it so as to further associate himself with them and learn. He doesn’t live at home.
Eldest sister: Airmid Artis Caireach Finnigan. Twenty-two years of age. She’s a Hufflepuff graduate, and a complete sweetheart. She’s average in height, and quite the same weight wise, with bright red hair and dark brown eyes. Her interests range between mediwitch interest and potions. She’s got a small portion of the farm dedicated to her raising herbs and the like, specifically geared towards medicinal purposes. Very healthy, she both sells them and makes brews and potions which she sells and uses. She’s very interested in trying various combinations, testing herself, small creatures (much to Cairbre’s dismay), and vegetation for effects.
Younger sister: Taillte Sorcha Lugh Finnigan. At thirteen years of age, she’s a cheerful Ravenclaw. With pale blonde hair and wide green eyes, she’s slender and rather pretty, but completely oblivious. Very ambitious, her actual aim is to someday become the Minister (Ministress?) of Magic, or get far up there, but in the meantime, when she graduates aims to write for the Daily Prophet.
Youngest sister: Kyley Maeve Liadan Finnigan. To turn eleven in August, Kyley will be starting Hogwarts in September, though Seamus will have graduated. Very cheerful, quite charismatic. She has long black hair and grey eyes, and might be very willowy but is at average if a bit over weight (just a touch) due to her present desire. Kyley wants nothing more than to be a fantastic cook and baker, for some pleasant little restaurant. She’s actually very good, more than just for a ten year old.
Youngest Brother: Alsandair Conall Declan Finnigan. Alsandair is only six years old. He has dishwater blonde hair, sea-green eyes, and his father’s build. The biggest things Alsandair is concerned about are dragons (he’s fascinated), rolling around in straw, and someday becoming a professional bird.

Seamus Finnigan is still… Seamus Finnigan. In a few words, Cheerful, energetic, something of a procrastinator, talkative, and flirty.

Seamus has mounds of energy and tends to be a very cheerful, very likeable person, and indeed really likes just about everybody. Except for the Slytherins (especially Malfoy), but they’re gits anyway, right? Right, and Snape, who is a Slytherin, so there you go. Most of the time Seamus is happy and care free, and usually trying to uplift those who aren’t, as it semi-irks him that they’d be so glum. This usually applies if he likes the person (if Draco’s unhappy, he might just gloat. Not nice, but is Draco?). Seamus is very, very outgoing, and very into laughs. He loves to laugh. He laughs hard, completely, and whenever he can. He makes –himself- laugh. He jokes around, teases, kids… and is a fan of sarcasm, cruel (Slytherin wise, if they ask for it), and friendly, though rarely uses cruel… even to the Slytherins. He’s real big on justice, and even if he hardly knows the person, will attempt and stick up for them if they’re in a tight spot. He does like this think he’s witty, whether it is true or not, is all up to you. While he is very outgoing and would probably be a terrific party-animal, he has his moment of being quiet and bothered… Thoughtful, preferring to be left along. And while energetic, he can become very lazy, especially if there’s homework that needs doing.

Seamus is comfortable with himself, er… obviously! He is quite confident and boastish, but while it may seem like his ego is nearly as big as Draco’s, really, most of the time he’s just joking around. He is nowhere as big-headed as he implies. He’s rather charming, at least if he says so himself, and an active flirt. But at the same time, a harmless flirt. He hasn’t got any trouble with flirting, and depending on the person, insinuating things (or even looking at a dirty magazine, but is actually very decent in the sense that… Well, bluntly, Seamus is a virgin. And he is actually quite content with that fact. Half because of his parents and how they raised them, and half of that the religion issue… Half merely because of how he views the actual act, and most things associated with it. He’s actually, crude leers and gestures and all, a wholesome person in that sense. Kissing, fine. Further, fine. Anything associated with sex-sex (oral and well, sex), isn’t his thing. Briefly, sex is love, and unless he’s positive he loves the person/they’ve just gotten married, it’s a no-no, because it’s more than just some physical pleasure cruise.

Despite all this, he is of course, not as well known as the Terrific Three of Gryffindor house, Hermione, Harry, and Ron. They do the spotlight things, but he’s perfectly happy doing his own thing otherwise. He’s not as smart nor clever as Hermione, but he’s nearly there, and does very well in school when he bothers to. Which he rarely does, at least in Potions. His favorite subject is, though, Defense Against the Dark Arts… He does like Charms, especially as he no longer blows things up, and transfiguration is always very cool. He finds Herbology a bit dull, though, and loathes Potions. When he does poorly, he really can’t bring himself to bother with caring.

Seamus is also very concerned about what’s been going on in Ireland, terrorism wise, but hasn’t been heavily affected. On his father’s side, a twice removed cousin had been killed a few years back due to an act of terrorism, but otherwise, he’s merely aware and concerned.

Seamus does likes girls. Actually, he’s probably more bisexual than anything else, but tends to lean toward the female sex more than the other. At the moment, though he flirts terribly, he isn’t particularly smitten with any one person. He and Lavender Brown dated in the past. He's on friendly terms with most people, of course, less so with the majority of the Slytherins (they aren't exactly nice? So vice versa). He is better friends with those in his year at Gryffindor, and his very best friend is Dean Thomas.